Power Industry

Power industry is represented in the Group of Companies with the following enterprises: Global Insulator Group Co. Ltd, NTEHP Electric Co. Ltd, Screw pile works Co. Ltd. They ensure reliability of operation of the electric grid complex in Russia.

Global Insulator Group Co.Ltd (GIG)

Russian company Global Insulator Group Co. Ltd (GIG) controls promotion and distribution processes for the products of JSC Yuzhnouralsky Insulators and Fittings Plant (JSC YuAIZ) and participates in the local and international electric insulation markets. The company was established in 2006.

Main types of activity: Delivery of the equipment for air power lines and substations of all voltage classes (0.4-1150 kV).

Products: The main supplied product is glass insulators. Production capacities of partner plants allow releasing up to 8.5 million items of insulators per year. Moreover, the company supplies porcelain insulators, line hardware and other high-voltage equipment.

Product assortment of the partner plants:
•    more than 500 items of line, supporting, protective, tension and connecting fittings for configuration of HV lines of 35-1150 kV.
•    31 kind of suspended glass insulators
•    35 types of porcelain insulators

Products’ selling destinations:

the Russian Federation;
10 CIS countries;
38 far abroad countries;
Baltic countries.

Products’ quality: Products of JSC YuAIZ are released according to the requirements of international and national standards (IEC, EN, ANSI, BS), authorized and certified in many countries worldwide, by the largest companies of the Russian Federation. The quality of the items is proved by research and tests of the leading European laboratories: Keta (Holland), VEIKI-VNL (Hungary), VEI and VNIIE (Moscow), NIIPT (Saint-Petersburg).

NTEHP Electric Co.Ltd

Nizhneturinsky Electric Hardware Plant are ones of the largest enterprises in the CIS manufacturing commutation and distribution hardware of 0.4-110 kV. For more than 50-year history of existence, partner plants have supplied the domestic market and the markets of many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa with hundreds of switches of 6-35 kV, dozens of thousands of factory-assembled distribution devices of 6-35 kV, dozens of factory-assembled transformer substation up to 110 kV.

Alliance of two manufacturers famous in the CIS countries is led by the managing company CJSC High-Voltage Union (Russia, Yekaterinburg). It focuses on assets control, financial flows as well as on extension the sales market, development of new technologies and new products. It has provided optimization of production, significant reduction of administrative expenses and consolidation of innovative component in the work of the enterprises. Having united into the High-Voltage Union, the production sites obtained the possibility to enlarge the stock of orders, introduce advanced administrative technologies, increase the personnel motivation, and improve financial indexes.

Currently the Concern has the developed network of representative offices and service centers in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries.
Main activity type – production of commutation and distribution hardware of medium and high voltage classes, construction of transformer substations turnkey, engineering services.

Products and services:

• Transformer substations
Transformer substations of 35, 110, 220 kV
Gas insulated transformer substations of 110, 220 kV
Transformer substations of 35 kV of closed type
Traction substations
Substation elements

• Factory-assembled distribution devices
FADD of 35 kV of КУ35С, КУ35 series.
FADD of 6(10) kV of КУ-10Ц series.
FADD of 6(10) kV of КУ1 ОС, КУ6С series.
FADD of 6(10) kV of КВЭ-10 РН series.
FADD of 6 kV of 2КВЭ-М-6 series.

•    Vacuum switches
Vacuum switches of 6-10 kV.
Vacuum switches of 27.5-35 kV.
Vacuum switches of 110 kV

• Generator switches (10, 15, 20 kV).

•    Reconstruction/modernization of FADD and SESAC (Retrofit program).

•    Relay protection and automatic system.

Consumers: Enterprises of electric network complex, atomic, heat and hydro-power stations; mining, metallurgic and chemical combines; oil and gas exploring and treating companies, oil and gas pipelines, railroads, metropolitans, power facilities of agriculture and housing and utilities, other industry enterprises.

Main sale market: Industrial regions of the Russian Federation and the Ukraine.

Screw Pile Works Co. Ltd

Screw Pile Works Co. Ltd is manufacturing construction company performing works arranging pile foundations at the facilities of power and oil and gas construction using own materials. The enterprise performs a complex of services testing piles with static loads. The enterprise owns more than 40 items of construction equipment and the plant producing screw piles and construction metalwork. The enterprise is a member of SRO StroyRegion and SRO Engineering Preparation of Oil and Gas Complexes.

Geographical activity of the enterprise covers Central, North-Western, South, Privolzhsky, Ural and Siberia Federal Districts. The mobility of production teams allows reacting operatively to customer’s requests and the complex character of the provided services allows satisfying the highest of their requirements.

Main types of activity:
Production of screw piles and construction metalwork.
•    production of metal driven piles (single-piece and assembled)
•    production of screw piles for melted and ever frozen soil of any typical sizes
•    production of construction metalwork both according to typical projects and customer drawings

Piling works

•    piling works performed from the ground.
•    piling works performed in frozen and ever-frozen subsoil.
•    timbering arrangement
•    arrangement of driven piles

Field testing of the piles
•    field testing of soil with determination of their standard strength and deformation characteristics
•    testing of reference and production piles

Key projects: SS of 500 kV Tyumen, SS of 500 kV Shagol, SS of 330 kV Zelenogorsk, SS of 110/10 kV Tobol. Air power lines: HV lines of 500 kV Angara- SS Kamala-1, HV lines of 500 kV Kurgan-Ishim, HV lines of 220 kV Urengoy-HGKhK, reconstruction of the facilities foundation k. 201 of Priobrkoe Deposit of LLC RN-Yuganskneftegas, arrangement of engineering network foundation at Beloyarsk NPP, arrangement of portal foundations of 220 kV at Novovoronezhsk NPP.