Power Industry

Power industry is represented in the Group of Companies with the following enterprises: Uralprojectengineering Co. Ltd, Ural Power Grid Construction Company Joint-Stock Co., Electrouralmontazh Joint-Stock Co., High-Voltage Union Concern, Global Insulator Group Co. Ltd, Ural Compressor Makers Co. (UCP), Screw pile works Co. Ltd. They ensure reliability of operation of the electric grid complex in Russia.

Uralprojectengineering Co. Ltd

The enterprise was established in February 2004 to solve the tasks in the field of design and survey of the system power facilities all over Russia. For the period from 2004 to 2012 the number of the enterprise staff increased more than in 5 times, more than 70 Facilities with the voltage of 110-500 kV were planned for power and oil and gas fields including large passages over rivers.

Uralprojectengineering Co. Ltd employs the specialists for performance of project and survey works, author supervision over construction of the planned system power facilities and state expertise of the finished products and operational documentation. The enterprise is completely equipped with the necessary equipment and modern software allowing execution of design and survey works under a tight schedule at a high technical level with high quality in strict compliance with the norms, requirements and standards provided by the customers and governmental authorities. In design the software products created by the enterprise’s employees are implemented, they allow increasing significantly the speed of the works performance.

Main types of activities: Performance of design and survey works and rendering services in design engineering in the field of power facility design of any complexity: power lines with voltage up to 500 kV; electric substations with voltage up to 500 kV; infrastructure facilities, repair and production bases; communication units and lines including fiber-optic lines.

Customers: Enterprises of power and oil and gas industries: JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, JSC Gazprom, JSC LUKOIL, JSC Sibneft, JSC YUKOS, JSC Surgutneftegas.

Services: Project engineering services provided by the company include management of the whole investment process complex - from development of design documentation to supporting the facility in the process of construction and commissioning.

Key projects: For the projects of Uralprojectengineering Co. Ltd the following facilities have been built or are being at the implementation stage:
Reconstruction of electric substations: SS of 500 kV Tyumen, SS of 500 kV Demyanskaya, SS of 220 kV Kalininskaya, SS of 220 kV Kamenskaya. Extension of electric substations: SS of 500 kV Lugovaya, SS of 500 kV Ilkovo. Reconstruction of HV lines of 500 kV Ilkovo-Lugovaya, HV lines of 220 kV SUGRES-Peschanaya, HV lines of 110 kV at Rogozhnikovskoe oil deposit with a large passage over the Ob River.
External power supply facilities (electric substations and HV lines of 110 kV), arrangement of oil deposits: Kalchinskoe, Yaraynerskoe, Sterkhovoe, Vyngapurskoe, Vostochno-Tarkosalinskoe, Priobskoe, etc.

Ural Power Grid Construction Company Joint-Stock Co.

The quality and reliability of work of the enterprise’s staff is proved with the power lines, great many electric substations of voltage 110-750 kV constructed by it which supply electric power to the most important industrial agricultural enterprises.

One of the competitive advantages of JSC UPECC is longstanding and diverse experience of the employees in power network construction. The fleet of motor transport, tractors and specialty vehicles amounts to over 440 units by domestic and foreign producers.
JSC UPECC is the member of SRO Non-Profit Partnership Association of Power Builders and SRO NP Energostroyproject. This provides JSC UPECC with one of the leading positions among the domestic enterprises.

Activity geography of JSC UPECC covers the territory from the Far East to the Central Federal District. A wide network of participants, mobility of production crews allow reacting rapidly to the customer requests. The range of services provided by the company allows satisfying the highest requirements of the customers.

Main types of activities:

Geodetic works on the construction sites.
•    Location surveys during construction process.
•    Geodesic control of geometrical parameters accuracy of buildings and structures.

Preparation works.
•    Layout (assembling) of buildings and structures, walls, bulks, stairways and other constructive and related elements or other parts
•    Construction of temporary roads, sites, utilities and structures

Ground works.
•    Mechanical earthwork
•    Works for water depression, arrangement of surface discharge and water drain

Piling works. Grouting
•    Piling works performed from the ground including in sea and river conditions
•    Piling works performed in frozen and ever-frozen subsoil
•    Timbering arrangement
•    Arrangement of driven and bored piles

Assembly of built-up concrete and reinforced concrete structures
•    Assembly of foundations and structures of the underground part of buildings and structures

Assembly of metal structures
•    Assembly, reinforcement and disassembly of constructive elements and enclosures of buildings and structures
•    Assembly, reinforcement and disassembly of structures, towers, exhaust pipes.
Protection of constructive structures, pipelines and equipment (except for main pipelines)
•    Protection coating with paint and varnish materials.
•    Arrangement of metalized coatings
•    Hydro-insulation of steel structures

Arrangement of external power networks and communication lines
•    Arrangement of power supply networks with the voltage up to and including 330 kV.
•    Arrangement of power supply networks with the voltage more than 330 kV.
•    Assembly and disassembly of supports for air lines with the voltage up to 500 kV.
•    Assembly and disassembly of supports for air lines with the voltage more than 500 kV.
•    Assembly and disassembly of wires and lightning protection cables of air power lines with the voltage up to and including 35 kV.
•    Assembly and disassembly of wires and lightning protection cables of air power lines with the voltage more than 35 kV.

Works for construction control by the involved constructor or customer performed on the basis of the agreement with a legal entity or individual entrepreneur
•    Construction control over general construction works (work type groups No 1 -3, 5-7, 9-14).
•    Construction control of the works in the area of power supply (work types #No 15.5, 15.6, 23.6, 24.3-24.10, work type group No 20) .

Works for organization of construction, reconstruction and overhaul repair by the involved constructor of customer on the basis of the agreement with a legal entity or individual entrepreneur  (General Contractor)
•    Industrial construction
•    Power supply facilities more than 110 kV.
•    Power supply facilities up to and including 110 kV

Works elaboration of the design documentation
•    Works on arrangement of the design documentation elaboration by the involved constructor or customer on the basis with the agreement with a legal entity or individual entrepreneur (General Contractor).

Customers: JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, Branch of JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System -Ural Main Power Networks MPN, Branch of JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System - Eastern MPN, Branch of JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System - Siberia MPN, Project Management Center ESPO Pipeline, Branch of JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System - Western Siberia MPN, Branch of JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System – Southern MPN, Branch of JSC CIUS EES - Center for Engineering and Construction Management of the East, Regional State Institution Directorate for Integrated Development of Nizhnee Priangarye.

Electrouralmontazh Joint-Stock Co.

Electrouralmontazh Joint Stock Co is the leading specialized contractor organization with more than 40-year experience in construction of power facilities of the voltage classes from 10 to 500 kV providing the whole complex of electric assembly and commissioning works - from design, construction and equipping  to assembly and setting of the electric equipment, CMD&A, APCS, telemechanics and communication devices.
The enterprise was established in 1968, the unique facilities constructed with participation of its employees include the first ever power line with the voltage of 1150 kV Ekibastuz-Ural, three power units of Beloyarskaya NPP, the largest SDPP and electric substations of Ural, Western Siberia and Kazakhstan.

The company has assembly departments in Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Agidel, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Moscow; it has its own production bases equipped with modern load lifting and transportation vehicles, special machines enabling to perform assembly works of any complexity. About 1,500 qualified specialists work here.

Electrouralmontazh JSC performs functions of the General Contractor. Considering the market needs, new activity directions are acquired: performance of general construction works, assembly and setting of ASCAPC and APCS systems, cable installation with cross-linked polyethylene insulation.

Assembly departments are equipped with modern special machinery and mechanisms including those for assembly of automatic transformers of 500 kV. Setting department is equipped with the new equipment (produced by ABB, Elster Metronica, Systel Automatization and etc.) for conducting of high-voltage tests, setting of HF-channels, RPA and APCS.

Main types of activity:

•    performing functions of General Contractor and General Designer
•    construction of electric substations of the voltage classes of 10-500 kV on a turnkey basis: design, equipping, construction, assembly, commissioning
•    complex assembly and setting of the electric part, CMD&A of heat and atomic power stations
•    assembly and setting of electrical equipment at newly introduced and active CHP, boiler-rooms, electric substations of all capacities and voltage classes
•    electric assembly works at the facilities of industry, construction industry, housing and utilities and agricultural complex
•    assembly and commissioning of power transformers and reactors up to 500 kV
•    assembly and commissioning of accumulators
•    assembly and commissioning of relay protection, control and automatic devices on electromechanical, semi-conductor and microelectronic element base including high frequency equipment, emergency automatics of power networks and systems, electric machines excitation systems, machines and mechanisms electric drives control systems, statistic converting devices
•    assembly and setting of automatic regulation systems, control and measuring devices, technological protections and alarms, electric drive of shut-off and control valves
•    assembly and setting of automatic control and electric and heat power recording systems based on the technical means complexes
•    scheduled, preventive and recovery inspections, setting and testing of RPA, CMD&A, excitation systems, commutation equipment and power electric equipment during overhaul repairs and reconstruction of the electric part of CHP, boiler rooms, electric substations, industrial facilities
•    high-voltage tests and special measurements of transformers, AC/DC electric machines, air and oil switches, commutation and bus devices, power cables, bus wires and support insulation
•    execution of calibration works of measuring means (test devices) «Retom-11», «Retom-41m», hardware and software complexes «Retom-51» as well as voltamperemeters and phase meters «Retometer»
•    transportation of heavy and large dimension cargo.

Key projects:

Power network facilities
•    SS of 500 kV Berkut, SS of 500 kV Chuguevka, SS of 500 kV Yemelino, SS of 500 kV Kozyreve, SS of 500 kV Abakanskaya, SS of 500 kV Oznachennoe, SS of 500 kV Khabarovskaya, SS of 500 kV Tagil, SS of 500 kV Yuzhnaya, SS of 500 kV Udmurtskaya, SS of 500 kV Magnitogorskaya, SS of 500 kV Tyumen, SS of 500 kV Zlatoust, SS of 500 kV Severnaya, SS of 500 kV Demyanskaya
•    SS of 220 kV Novotroitskaya, SS of 220 kV Novometallurgicheskaya, SS of 220 kV Soboli (1st stage), SS of 220 kV Kamenskaya, SS of 220/110/10 kV Kalininskaya, SS of 220 kV TMMZ.
•    Dozens of SS of 110 kV of JSC IDGC Holding
Generating companies facilities
•    Assembly works at switchyard of 500 kV Primorskaya SDPP (2004).
•    Electric assembly works and assembly of CMD&A at ТА-3 with the capacity of 80 MW Nevinnomysskaya SDPP (2005)
•    Electric assembly works and assembly of CMD&A at power unit No 2 with the capacity of 200 MW Chelyabinskaya TPP-3 (2006)
•    Electric assembly and commissioning works at Tyumenskaya TPP-1 and Noyabrskaya Steam Gas Power Station (2010)
•    Electric assembly works at SDPP of left bank part of Priobrskoe deposit (2011).
•    Complex of electric assembly and commissioning works for reconstruction of GDU of 10 kV at Tobolskaya TPP (2011)
•     General contract for construction on a turnkey basis of switchyard of 500/220 kV of the first start-up complex at Nyaganskaya SDPP
•    Currently, special unit equipment assembly is performed at the fourth power unit БН-800 of Beloyarskaya NPP.
•    Electrouralmontazh performs works on reconstruction and construction of power facilities at the enterprises of metallurgy complex, in particular, at JSC Novolipetsk Metallurgy Combine, JSC MECHEL, JSC Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant. Specialists of the company implement a number of projects for JSC Uralmashzavod, OJSC Verkh-Isetsky Metallurgy Plant and other industrial enterprises of Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region. The whole complex of construction and assembly works is performed at traction substations of the branches of JSC Russian Railways Sverdlovskaya Railway and West-Siberian Railway.

High-Voltage Union Concern

High-Voltage Union Concern is an international electrical concern combining Nizhneturinsky Electric Hardware Plant (Russia) and Rovensky High-Voltage Hardware Plant (Ukraine). Pooling of assets of two enterprises took place in 2004.

Included in the group, RZVA-Electric and NTEHP Electric are ones of the largest enterprises in the CIS manufacturing commutation and distribution hardware of 0.4-110 kV. For more than 50-year history of existence, partner plants have supplied the domestic market and the markets of many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa with hundreds of switches of 6-35 kV, dozens of thousands of factory-assembled distribution devices of 6-35 kV, dozens of factory-assembled transformer substation up to 110 kV.

Alliance of two manufacturers famous in the CIS countries is led by the managing company CJSC High-Voltage Union (Russia, Yekaterinburg). It focuses on assets control, financial flows as well as on extension the sales market, development of new technologies and new products. It has provided optimization of production, significant reduction of administrative expenses and consolidation of innovative component in the work of the enterprises. Having united into the High-Voltage Union, the production sites obtained the possibility to enlarge the stock of orders, introduce advanced administrative technologies, increase the personnel motivation, and improve financial indexes.

Currently the Concern has the developed network of representative offices and service centers in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries.
Main activity type – production of commutation and distribution hardware of medium and high voltage classes, construction of transformer substations turnkey, engineering services.

Products and services:

• Transformer substations
Transformer substations of 35, 110, 220 kV
Gas insulated transformer substations of 110, 220 kV
Transformer substations of 35 kV of closed type
Traction substations
Substation elements

• Factory-assembled distribution devices
FADD of 35 kV of КУ35С, КУ35 series.
FADD of 6(10) kV of КУ-10Ц series.
FADD of 6(10) kV of КУ1 ОС, КУ6С series.
FADD of 6(10) kV of КВЭ-10 РН series.
FADD of 6 kV of 2КВЭ-М-6 series.

•    Vacuum switches
Vacuum switches of 6-10 kV.
Vacuum switches of 27.5-35 kV.
Vacuum switches of 110 kV

• Generator switches (10, 15, 20 kV).

•    Reconstruction/modernization of FADD and SESAC (Retrofit program).

•    Relay protection and automatic system.

Consumers: Enterprises of electric network complex, atomic, heat and hydro-power stations; mining, metallurgic and chemical combines; oil and gas exploring and treating companies, oil and gas pipelines, railroads, metropolitans, power facilities of agriculture and housing and utilities, other industry enterprises.

Main sale market: Industrial regions of the Russian Federation and the Ukraine.

Customers: JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, JSC IDGC Holding, "Rosatom", Energoatom (Ukraine), JSC Rosneft, JSC Surgutneftegas, TNK-BP, JSC LUKOIL, JSC Norilsk Nickel, JSC Mechel, etc.

Global Insulator Group Co.Ltd (GIG)

Russian company Global Insulator Group Co. Ltd (GIG) controls promotion and distribution processes for the products of JSC Yuzhnouralsky Insulators and Fittings Plant (JSC YuAIZ) and Lviv Insulator Company LLC  (“LIC” LLC ) and participates in the local and international electric insulation markets. The company was established in 2006.

Main types of activity: Delivery of the equipment for air power lines and substations of all voltage classes (0.4-1150 kV).

Products: The main supplied product is glass insulators. Production capacities of partner plants allow releasing up to 8.5 million items of insulators per year. Moreover, the company supplies porcelain insulators, line hardware and other high-voltage equipment.

Product assortment of the partner plants:
•    more than 500 items of line, supporting, protective, tension and connecting fittings for configuration of HV lines of 35-1150 kV.
•    31 kind of suspended glass insulators
•    35 types of porcelain insulators

Consumers: The main consumers of the products supplied by the company to the Russian market are: JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, JSC IDGC Holding, Territorial Generating Companies, enterprises of Russian Railways and oil and gas industry. Besides the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, more than 300 companies from Europe, America, Africa, Middle East, the Asian and Pacific Ocean Region are among the constant consumers. Currently, the activity of Global Insulator Group Co. Ltd is most completely integrated into the energy development of the Russian Federation. Thus, the company provides reliability of the country power network complex operation and plays the defining role in the development of technical policy for high-voltage products production.

Products’ selling destinations:

the Russian Federation;
10 CIS countries;
38 far abroad countries;
Baltic countries.

Products’ quality: Products of JSC YuAIZ are released according to the requirements of international and national standards (IEC, EN, ANSI, BS), authorized and certified in many countries worldwide, by the largest companies of the Russian Federation. The quality of the items is proved by research and tests of the leading European laboratories: Keta (Holland), VEIKI-VNL (Hungary), VEI and VNIIE (Moscow), NIIPT (Saint-Petersburg).

The products released by "LIC" LLC conforms to international standards of GOST 6490-93 and IEC 60305/95. The plant is equipped with the test laboratory authorized by the State Standard of the Ukraine. Qualification, type, periodic tests of all the products of the company are executed in laboratories of the authorized Science and Research Institute of High Voltages (Slavyansk, Ukraine). High quality of the products is achieved due to production automation, monitoring compliance with the engineering procedure, availability of developed research and testing base. Quality Management System is introduced and certified at the plants according to international standard ISO 9001:2008.

Ural Compressor Plant Co. (JSC UCP)

Ural Compressor Plant Co was established in 1933 as an enterprise of road machine engineering "Obldormash". During the Great Patriotic War, mortar equipment production was organized at the plant: mortar БМ-82 and mortar units БМ-13 «Katusha».

The history of compressor engineering started at the plant since the release of aerodrome compressor stations ACS. In 1959, the compressor station АКС-8 was honored with the highest award, the gold medal grand prix at the Worldwide Exhibition in Brussels. In 2002, the plant received the license of the Russian Aviation and Space Agency for production of aviation equipment. In 2004, the enterprise Quality Management System was certified in the Military Register. In the same 2004, the enterprise Quality Management System was certified for compliance with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2000.

In 2004, JSC Machine Engineering Plant Uralcryotekhnika was relocated to the territory of UCP. At the present, besides the compressor equipment, the plant performs delivery of cryogenic equipment for almost every industrial field.

Main types of activity: release of compressor equipment and cryogenic equipment, service maintenance, training the specialists to equipment operation.

•    oil and gas industry;
•    power industry;
•    science;
•    health care;
•    electric vacuum industry;
•    heat power engineering;
•    agriculture;
•    glass production;
•    metallurgy;
•    atomic energy, etc.

Products and services: JSC UCP produces unique compressor units of high pressure up to 40 MPa (400 kgf/cm2) for various gases except for oxygen; compressors for air, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, natural gas, gas mixtures, for aggressive gases. Oil reciprocating and diaphragm compressors of dry compression are produced. The plant produces compressors to compress aggressive or non-aggressive gases in explosive premises.

Besides stationary compressors, UCP produces mobile nitrogen and air compressor stations used in the oil and gas industry for operation at wells and pipelines. Self-propelled compressor stations, according to the customer’s choice might be made on chassis Ural, KAMAZ, the portable ones - on metallic slides or in modular version. JSC UCP produces the mobile compressor station AFC which has no analogues. The station allows to obtain dry air (dew point is minus 60°С) compressed under the pressure of 40 MPa (400 kgf/cm2).
Moreover, JSC UCP releases cryogenic equipment. It is unique air separating units of small capacity allowing obtaining nitrogen or oxygen of high purity in liquid or gaseous state. Cryogenic equipment -gasifiers, gasifying units, tanks, bioproduct storage - has the best stored gases evaporation (loss) characteristics in Russia.

Key projects:
•    delivery of nitrogen extracting stations for oil and gas field;
•    delivery of diaphragm compressors for Federal Space Agency;
•    delivery of air separation units for atomic energy.

Screw Pile Works Co. Ltd

Screw Pile Works Co. Ltd is manufacturing construction company performing works arranging pile foundations at the facilities of power and oil and gas construction using own materials. The enterprise performs a complex of services testing piles with static loads. The enterprise owns more than 40 items of construction equipment and the plant producing screw piles and construction metalwork. The enterprise is a member of SRO StroyRegion and SRO Engineering Preparation of Oil and Gas Complexes.

Geographical activity of the enterprise covers Central, North-Western, South, Privolzhsky, Ural and Siberia Federal Districts. The mobility of production teams allows reacting operatively to customer’s requests and the complex character of the provided services allows satisfying the highest of their requirements.

Main types of activity:
Production of screw piles and construction metalwork.
•    production of metal driven piles (single-piece and assembled)
•    production of screw piles for melted and ever frozen soil of any typical sizes
•    production of construction metalwork both according to typical projects and customer drawings

Piling works

•    piling works performed from the ground.
•    piling works performed in frozen and ever-frozen subsoil.
•    timbering arrangement
•    arrangement of driven piles

Field testing of the piles
•    field testing of soil with determination of their standard strength and deformation characteristics
•    testing of reference and production piles

Consumers: JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, Branch of JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System - MPN of Ural, Branch of JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System - MPN of Siberia, Branch of JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System - MPN of North-West, LLC RN - Yuganskneftegas, CJSC Vankorneft, LLC Gazprom Transgas Surgut.

Key projects: SS of 500 kV Tyumen, SS of 500 kV Shagol, SS of 330 kV Zelenogorsk, SS of 110/10 kV Tobol. Air power lines: HV lines of 500 kV Angara- SS Kamala-1, HV lines of 500 kV Kurgan-Ishim, HV lines of 220 kV Urengoy-HGKhK, reconstruction of the facilities foundation k. 201 of Priobrkoe Deposit of LLC RN-Yuganskneftegas, arrangement of engineering network foundation at Beloyarsk NPP, arrangement of portal foundations of 220 kV at Novovoronezhsk NPP.