Machine Engineering

The machine engineering industry is represented in the Group of Companies with the following enterprises: Stroymash Plant Joint-Stock Co., Stroydormash Joint-Stock Co.

Stroymash Plant Joint-Stock Co.

Stroymash Plant Joint-Stock Co. is a modern machine engineering enterprise. The Stroymash Plant products involve the many years of practical experience and latest developments in the field of construction equipment for foundation engineering.

Main types of activity:
design, production and delivery of special construction machinery and equipment for foundation engineering of a wide nomenclature range.

Consumers: The main consumers of the products are enterprises and organizations of various industry branches: oil and gas, power, construction (industrial and civil, bridge construction, low-rise, road, power lines and communications).

Products and services:

•    piling diesel tube and bar hammers.
•    piling hydraulic hammers.
•    piling crawler-mounted machines.
•    piling wheel-mounted machines.
•    drop pile masts.
•    drilling equipment for piling machines.
•    spare parts for piling machines.

Additional services:

•    training for the customer representatives
•    works for individual orders
•    capital repair and modernization of technique and equipment
•    service maintenance
•    sale of spare parts
•    construction engineering

Key projects:

•    modernization of serial products
•    development of piling hydraulic hammers line
•    development of full-revolving crawler piling machine

Stroydormash Joint-Stock Co.

Stroydormash Joint-Stock Co is a machine engineering enterprise of Russia with 50-year experience of production of the drilling equipment located in the largest region of Ural.

Drilling machines and equipment produced by the Stroydormash Plant are applied during construction and repair of power, communication lines; construction of pile foundations of the structures of industrial and civil purpose; construction of water intakes and for geological research. Nomenclature list of products is represented by a wide model range of various class items and the standard series of the drilling tool will satisfy any customer requirements.

Main types of activity: Production of drilling equipment for power, construction industries and geological exploration; production of spare parts and service maintenance of the equipment.


Power industry: JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, JSC IDGC Holding, JSC Far-Eastern Distribution Company, JSC Tatenergo, KEGOC (Kazakhstan).

Construction industry: LLC Stroygazconsulting, LLC GK EFESk, JSC Transneft, JSC Surgutneftegas

Geological exploration: LLC TSGK, JSC Integra-Geophysika.

Communication: JSC Rostelecom

Products and services:

•    drilling crane machines

•    auger drilling machines

•    drilling piling machines

•    geological equipment

•    service and warranty maintenance of the equipment

Key projects:СБМ-4061 is a constructive drilling machine on dipping chassis. The machines of СБМ series are suitable for all operations for foundation operations in sand and gravel mix, bridge construction. Maximum drilling depth with kelly bar is 40 meters.

УРБ-51 is the further development of УРБ-2М. The new machine for exploration drilling obtained the improved hydro-system. Maximum pivoting torque is increased more than twice up to 640 kg/m. Maximum rotation frequency of the drilling tool for core drilling is increased to 600 rpm. There is an opportunity to implement RCR.

МРСК-512 is a new product for the power industry. Multifunctional machine, besides drilling wells with the diameter up to 1,000 mm, has comprehensive crane equipment with load capacity up to 4,000 kg as well as a possibility to transport single supports of power lines.