The first vacuum switches for voltage 110 kV with a single break on the phase of series ВРС-110.

Creation of products which are modern, innovative and above all demanded at the market is one of the top priorities for the Holding’s enterprises. One of the examples is creation at the end of 2010 of the first vacuum switch for voltage 110 kV with a single break on the phase of series ВРС-110.

The customers had been waiting for such device appearance for a long time. It is conditioned by the fact that currently a large number of outmoded having worked out their resources oil switches which require substitution for more advanced devices are in operation in power systems of Russia and the CIS countries . Vacuum switches ВРС-110 (See the Table) were developed on the technical design assignment of OJSC Tyumenenergo with due consideration of all modern requirements presented to switching devices: high switching and mechanical resources, minimal operational expenses, environmental safety, possibility of operation in conditions of low temperatures.

Table. Basic Technical Specifications of Vacuum Switches ВРС-110

Parameter nameValue
Nominal voltage, kV


Maximum operating voltage, kV


Nominal current, A


Rated breaking current, kA


Commutation life at rated breaking current, cycles On/Off


Commutation life at nominal current, cycles On/Off


Mechanical durability, cycles On/Off


Climatic version type


GOST of the switch


Overall dimensions of the switch, mm
• height (with account of distance 2,500 mm to the ground according to EIC)


• width


• depth


Weight of the switch without supports, kg1,500

ВРС-110  is the first in the world vacuum switch 110 kV class with a single break on the phase, rated for nominal current 2,500 A and rated breaking current  31.5 kA. In October, 2011 the certification procedure was successfully completed.  The device obtained the Conformity Declaration and Certificate of Energosert System having proved its conformity to regulatory documents and requirements GOST R 52565-2006. In April, 2012 ВРС-110 was admitted to serial production by the Inter-Departmental Commission.

The first vacuum switch ВРС-110 was assembled and launched into trial operation in November, 2010  as the section switch at electric substation  SS-318 ‘Vozrozhdeniye” of the branch of JSC Lenenergo Vyborg Power Grids instead of the outmoded oil switch ВМТ-110.

Vacuum switches ВРС-110 kV are produced at the Nizhnyaya Tura production site of High-Voltage Union Concern – NTEAZ-Electric.