Уралпроектинжиниринг.jpgUralprojectengineering Co. Ltd  – Uralprojectengineering Co. Ltd was established to solve the tasks in the field of design and survey of the system power facilities all over Russia. For the period from 2004 to 2012 more than 70 facilities with the voltage of 110-500 kV were planned. Main types of activities: performance of design and survey works and rendering services in design engineering in the field of power facility design of any complexity. They include power lines with voltage up to 500 kV; electric substations with voltage up to 500 kV; infrastructure facilities, repair and production bases; communication units and lines including fiber-optic lines.
УЭСК.jpgUral Power Grid Construction Company Joint-Stock Co. The Company performs construction and overhaul repair of power lines and electric substations with voltage of 0.4-500 kV. Main kinds of activities: geodetic works on the construction sites, preparatory, ground, piling works; grouting; assembly of prefabricated concrete, reinforced concrete, metal structures; protection of building structures, pipelines and equipping (except for main pipelines); organization of external electric networks and communication lines; works on implementation of construction inspection, construction, reconstruction and overhaul repair; preparation of design documentation.
ЭУМ.jpgElectrouralmontazh Joint-Stock Co. – It is the leading specialized contracting company with more than 40-year experience of construction of electric power facilities of the voltage class from 10 to 500 kV. It provides the whole complex of electric assembly and commissioning works - from design, construction, equipping to assembly and setting of the electric equipment, CMD&A, PCS, telemechanics and communication devices. ElectrouralmontazhJoint Stock Co performs functions of the General Contractor.