Group of companies

GIGGlobal Insulator Group Co. Ltd (GIG) Russian company Global Insulator Group Co. Ltd (GIG) controls promotion and distribution processes for the products of JSC Yuzhnouralsky Insulators and Fittings Plant (JSC YuAIZ) and participates in the local and international electric insulation markets. The company was established in 2006. Main types of activity: delivery of the equipment for air power lines and substations of all voltage classes (0.4-1150 kV).
VSNTEHP Electric Co. Ltd – Nizhneturinsky Electric Hardware Plant (Russia) are ones of the largest enterprises in the CIS manufacturing commutation and distribution hardware of 0.4-110 kV. They include transformer substations, complex distribution devices, vacuum switches and generator switches (10, 16 and 20 kV), reconstruction/modernization of metal-clad switchgears and switchgears of unilateral maintenance (Retrofit Program), relay protection and automatic systems.
СДМ.jpgStroydormash Joint-Stock Co. – The enterprise produces drilling machines and equipment which are applied during construction and repair of power, communication lines; construction of pile foundations of the structures of industrial and civil purpose; construction of water intakes and for geological research. Nomenclature list of products is represented by a wide model range of various class items and the standard series of the drilling tool will satisfy any customer requirements. Besides production of the drilling equipment it executes production of spare parts and service maintenance of the machinery.
ЗВС.jpgScrew Pile Works Co. Ltd – It is a manufacturing construction company performing works arranging pile foundations at the facilities of power and oil and gas construction using own materials. The enterprise performs a complex of services testing piles with static loads. The enterprise owns more than 40 items of construction equipment and the plant producing screw piles and construction metalwork. The enterprise is a member of SRO StroyRegion and SRO Engineering Preparation of Oil and Gas Complexes.
Соваро.jpgT2 Co. Ltd It is a professional management company which has worked at the real estate market since 2002. The enterprise specializes on rendering services for lease of commercial property. The main types of activity: leasing of office premises, production and storage facilities; upkeep of buildings and structures; cleaning; minor office repair; arrangement and monitoring of the current, overhaul repair and reconstruction of the buildings and structures.